BM Mountain Cross 2008

New MTB event is coming up in the month of November this year. For more details about the event, please visit its blog,


Machang Bubuk New Trail, 15 June 2008

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Awesome ride led by Michael Ooi. Could be longer. But of moment we have to be contended with what Mike can offer. Definitely look forward his next ride!


Machang Bubuk new trail ride

I don't know much about the trail since I have not been riding this trail before. The distance is about 20km and will take about 3 hours to finish. Maverick is organizing a ride there on Sunday morning. Place to meet: Hai Tang Mar Temple before the junction to Taman Selasih, Jalan Kulim if you come from BM way. Time: 7.50am. Contact: Maverick, (019) 4432889


I'm Rastian from Cycling Magazine (Indonesia).

On August 2nd-3rd 2008, we're going to held Urban Dual Ride: Racing Through The Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To invite and gather Malaysian riders, may I ask for your help to post the event's flyer? As the compensation we can advertise your site in our website (
Thank you administrator. Hope we can cooperate.



Sungai Ara Recce, 10 June 2008

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Not a sucessful one. We cut short our recce since one of the riders sprained his arm when he was portaging his bike. We hope to come back again.

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