Riding for Life 2007

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation will be organizing the Riding for Life 2007 to raise funds for its Circle of Hope campaign which supports:

Paediatric AIDS Fund- currently supporting 280 children aged below 13 years old who is either infected of affected (one parent living with HIV and in most cases orphan). We provide them with their day-to-day expenses (RM100 each month) and for those who are positive we provide them travelling fee to hospital for their periodic checkups.

Medicine Assistance Scheme- We provide 2nd line medications when their 1st line failed (1st line provided by hospital). 2nd line medications are the expensive ones- example: Kelatra cost RM923 per bottle a month. We are currently supporting 60 patients who could not afford their 2nd line medications and we have a long list of patients waiting to get sponsored.

Business Assistance Scheme: We provide a small interest free loan of RM2,000 to People Living with HIV/AIDS and their immediate family so they can help support themselves as many of them are not able to get permanent job. This year we had given 4 loans and estimate another 6 for 2007.
Currently the above need at least RM2 million to sustain.

The Riding for Life will be held from 1-3 Dec in conjunction with WORLD AIDS DAY. The ride will be from Putrajaya to Malacca.

The tentative agenda for the ride:

1st Dec
7am- flag off by Dato Azalina
7-1230pm- riding to Port Dickson
1-230pm- Creating awareness on HIV/AIDS issues at Port Dickson
3pm- check into hotel - Selesa Resort
3-6pm Rest & Relax
6-9pm Dinner (Seaside BBQ)

2nd Dec
7am- Flag off
7-11pm- reach outside of Malacca
1130-1230- convey into the city of Malacca
1pm-230pm- Creating awareness on HIV/AIDS issues in Malacca- Mohkota Parade
3pm- Check in (Century Mahkota)
3-6pm Rest & Relax
6-9pm Dinner

3rd Dec
10am- bus ride back to Putrajaya.

All riders and support crew members are required to raise min RM1,000 of pledges. The pledges will cover the trip from

Putrajaya-Malacca-Putrajaya. We are expecting (HOPING) to engage a total of 300 riders/support crews.

We hope some Northern riders will be able to come join us for this campaign- please help us to spread the words around.

For anyone who are interested- they can contact the Malaysian AIDS Foundation's fundraising team @ 03 4045 1033 or email us at

Thank you again and good luck in your ride this weekend.

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