MTB recce at Green Hill

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We went recce at Greenhill this Sunday. I have been looking forward to this recce since I found out about Greenhill a while ago. There was a downhill trail that I was told it would come out at around Farlim area. I managed to drag my usual recce buddiesto go with me. Since they have not been riding for some time, I had to convince them it was a walk in a park. It was really a walk in the park when we started from Bukit Gambier. We were greeted by few cyclists, thinking we were newbies(we dressed like one!). It took us no time to reach the ta kiosk since we all were quite familiar with the trail. After a short break, we proceed to the trail that we wanted to recce.

My recce buddy, Andy the Greenhornet, tried his luck by descending the step slope. Forgot to take a video though!

Chinese temple after the step slope.

Excellent view to the farm after we continued the descent.

Halfway was a junction. The trail on the left goes to Greenhill.

Shaded trail.

Not all trails are rideable in Green Hill. Seeing here are my buddies doing the hard work to portage their bikes up to the peak. They must have been cursing me left and right!

Single track after the steps.

Guy in blue shirt is my highschool buddy, Fatt.

A view to Farlim area at the peak of Greenhill.

Greenhornet launched his bike down on a very steep slope. I have been to Kiara trail once. It is very similar with Kiara trail!

You see any trail at all? This is where we came down from the peak! We virtually slided down!

Fatt gave up and threw his bike down the slope!

Our machines. The riders were out finding the way out.

Fatt and Greenhornet checking out the trail.

We came out after we met a rubber tapper. The buidlings is Ixula apartment according to my GPS.

The aprtment. Non gated.

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