Re: Gotong-Royong @ Cherok To'kun

Following are some of the pics taken during the gotong-royong at Cherok Tokun. Track is almost completed, just some minor cleaning up then it will be ready to ride. For those who helped on that day, THANK YOU!!!

Anyone who wishes to visit nd try the track can do so. Just ride up the tarmac hill for about 1.5km, just about 100m before reaching the 'Malaysia Boleh' rest area, there will be a wooden ladder on the right leading to the top and into the forest. Climb up, turn right, and you shall be able to see the trail.

Ride slow and safe, as track is still new and slippery when wet.
Be aware of sharp corners and very steep decends. Cheers~

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Anonymous said...

Great trail work guys. I love to ride the northern trails sometimes.

We have the similar trail works also in Klang Valley esp. in Bukit Kiara, KL. Pls visit my blog at for more write up.